Watch "T. Mills - K.U.$.H. ft. Smoke Dza" on YouTube   

T. Mills - K.U.$.H. ft. Smoke Dza:

I just found this song. Ha perfect timing. yay tmills :)


Weed Strains Named After People You’ve Smoked With

If you don’t know which person that is then it’s probably YOU. 


ok thanks

Happy 4/20

I’m super baked.

I have to say I think I’m dating the greatest guy alive.







jim fucking carrey

jim fucking carrey


I love Jim Carrey. I once met him in a 7/11, and I was getting a soda, I turned and saw it was him, and he saw I was going for a Doctor Pepper, so he said “Oh did you want one of these”, to which I stuttered out a yes and he grabbed all of them and said “too bad” and brought them up to the front. Then he bought his stuff and left the sodas there, and left. Almost immediately after, he ran back in and began putting the sodas back and paid for mine.

This is what happens when Candians are let lose and try to prank people



I found this hilarious.

Lol so my mom has this robot vacuum’s like those lawn mowers that just go.. and she’s sitting here watching it. I don’t think she understands the reason it does it is so you can do something else.. 0.o

Really trying not to cry… I don’t wanna go to jail, guys. If I do I will drive myself insane again. I just can’t sit and do nothing… I’ll get trapped in my own head. Ugh. So stressed.

I really fucking hate it when I ask someone a question and they give me a smart ass or an extremely vague answer. I didn’t ask you to waste my breath or time it’s because I need to know, Jack ass.


how dumb is it that we’ve created words we arent supposed to use


how do people rap i cant even talk without messing it up


Just in case no one told you today:

  • Good morning
  • You’re beautiful
  • I love you
  • Nice butt

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Kinda getting anxious…
I’ve been paying some court fees since December and today is when the last payment is due. My uncle is trying to send me the $ from Western Union and it’s not working.

D; this is just my luck.