When I’m responsible I’m like way fucking responsible so when I’m carefree I’m like a little wild you know what I mean








if your boyfriend is your best friend, you’re doing it right.

if your boyfriend is your only friend, you’re doing it wrong.


Meh. I don’t agree with this. Apart from friends here on tumblr and my sister, my husband really is my only friend….

My husband is also my closest friend and I have very few other good friends. Not a problem. 

Same. No friends besides husband.

I literally have no friends. It was that way before I was with my husband, and it would remain that way if he was no longer in my life. I really just don’t care to associate with other people.

I don’t think people should be so quick to assume that just because they feel something it’s a fact
There are many types of people in this world and many more situations and complications than you can imagine the point is do not judge and do not tell someone how to live their personal life unless they ask for advise or they are harming someone
The point is I’m sick of hearing stupid arguments over something that’s really a personal choice


'BARE REALITY: 100 women and their breasts' is a project which explores how women feel about their breasts. 100 women bare all, bravely sharing un-airbrushed photographs of their breasts alongside personal stories about their breasts and their lives.

I bought a book, via Kickstarter. In fact this is the first Kickstarter campaign I have backed, and I find it a very exciting format for distributing art/photography - Certainly something I’ll keep in mind for future projects.

This particular book is Laura Dodsorth’s Bare Reality, a collection of photographs of breasts, which I decided to support as much as a statement about embracing the reality of bodies, as about the photography itself.

As an artist, a nudist, and a body positivist I am acutely aware of the amount of insecurity people have about their bodies, I find it disturbing. Seemingly every day I find people discontent with their bodies; too fat, too thin, the wrong shape, wrong colour, wrong amount of hair in the wrong place. When it comes to breasts in particular, too big, too small, too saggy, too pointy, nipples the wrong size, or shape, or place, or colour. It is INSANE; seemingly no one is content with themselves, everyone finds things to criticise and nothing to love.

People build their entire lives around wasting hours at the gym to loose weight, and change their bodies away from a state that is actually completely fine and healthy. They hide themselves behind clothing and make-up, and deem this part of their body unacceptable, that part not good enough, another that must be changed before they dare expose it to the world. They spend their entire lives hating themselves, looking to some future horizon when they will obtain perfection - Something they will never achieve, and so, they are never content.

I believe the media and beauty industries to be at the heart of this; presenting human beauty as a very narrow ideal, which is almost impossible to obtain - To the point when even the most beautiful people I know have overwhelming hatred of their physicality. As my awareness of this has grown it has moved from confusion, to anger and frustration. I just wish people could step back from their own neuroses, look at what people actually look like, and realise they are absolutely fine!

If we lived in a nudist world this would all vanish I’m sure, we would be faced with what real people look like every day, and have a sense of proportion knocked into us. But until then we’ll just have to rely on art, like this project, to illustrate the reality of the human form. There’s less than a day left to back this particular project. So why not get yourself a book, and learn what real breasts look like, in all their glorious variety and perfect imperfection.




Out of every pun and play on words I’ve seen on this site, this is the one that makes me so unreasonably angry.

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@belilabelle in Wonderland

To see more of Belinda’s surreal scenes, follow @belilabelle on Instagram.

Venezuela Instagrammer Belinda Tellez (@belilabelle) has always had a passion for surreal tales. “As a kid I was kind of weird. I liked books more than dolls and used to memorize passages from ‘Alice in Wonderland,’” she says. These days Belinda writes her own stories through surreal photography, often starring as the main character of imaginative scenes. She views each image as a story or anecdote, which reveal her secrets. “When the pictures become very surreal and imaginative, they also ironically become incredibly real.” Belinda’s creations are often the work of a one-woman show: “I take the self-portraits myself, so when the result is similar to what I imagined, I dance.”

I’m starting to question this whole bra thing. Like I’ve been wearing this shit since I was 11 and it’s painful and I don’t see why it’s so necessary
Like it’s not a mystery to what’s under there. . Society wants us to cover up, push up and JESUS HELP YOU IF YOU CAN SEE A NIPPLE!
but then girls on tv and movies have their boobs flashing all over the damn USA. So why are we expected to cover up? So that we can feel exploited and embarrassed when someone does see them? Whaaat? No no no
That’s giving society and (sadly maybe men) power. So that we have to follow these rules or get called a slut or a tramp.. When they really actually want to and like seeing it? No haha I think that makes men the slutty ones.. can’t see a breast unless it’s in a sexual manner. It’s a body part gtf over it and keep your penises down. A girl should be able to breast feed where and when she wants. A girl doesn’t have to wear a bra unless she wants to. I don’t even think we should be ticketed for “public indecency” if we reveal our upper halves.


every autumn, tens of millions of monarch butterflies travel to their ancestral winter roosts in mexico’s mountain fir forests, coating the trunks of the trees in the orange of their wings, and causing the branches to droop under their collective weight.

surfing winds from southern canada and the northern united states, and taking directional cues from the sun and magnetic poles, they travel 4,500 kilometres over two months to reach their hibernation grounds — a feat that still remains a bit of a mystery, but which has been going on for millions of years. 

interestingly, the autumn migration south is accomplished in one generation, which lives for about seven months, while the spring migration north is done over three generations, each living about six weeks.

last year’s migration, however, was the lowest on record, as excessive herbicide usage has reduced the supply of the milkweed plant which the monarch larvae rely on to feed, and which makes the monarch caterpillars toxic to predators. but the plant is now being destroyed from heavy use of roundup ready pesticides used in soy and corn crop production. 

further complicating matters for the monarch is climate change, as drought along their migratory route has exacerbated milkweed decline, and colder spring temperatures has meant the temperature-sensitive cold-blooded butterflies are unable to begin their journey north.

and once they reach their hibernation sites in mexico, the butterflies, which rely on a thick forest canopy for protection from the cold and rain, encounter deteriorating forests from illegal logging.

experts, however, are hopeful that this year’s migration will double or triple, thanks in large part to the conservation efforts of the mexican government. nevertheless, this increase would still put monarch numbers at one tenth of their record high of one billion.

photos by (click pic) joel sartore, paul bettings, lincoln brower, thomas d mengelsen, and ingo arndt







Male feminists

Why the fuck doesn’t this have eight million notes? Get it together, tumblr.

Reblog every time.

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you beautiful human being



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The war on drugs is a complete joke! It’s all about the M O N E Y!!!


Recommended stones for your Moon Sign

Our Moon Sign represents our inner potential and unconscious self

  • Aries - Blue Calcite
  • Taurus - Citrine
  • Gemini - Moss Agate
  • Cancer - Prehnite
  • Leo - Chrysoprase
  • Virgo - Charoite
  • Libra - Carnelian
  • Scorpio - Pyrite
  • Sagittarius - Clear Quartz
  • Capricorn - Tiger Eye
  • Aquarius - Pietersite
  • Pisces - Petrified Wood

To calculate your full birth chart click here

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